We are a Christian Travel Agency, providing missionary and HUMANITARIAN AIRFARE for missionaries and adopting families all over the world! It is our JOY to serve adopting families with ADOPTION TRAVEL, and we also provide DISCOUNTED AIRFARE for MISSIONS TRAVEL as well. We are also known for the missionary flights we offer through Cheap Missions Trips. Our sister website for missions and group travel is www.cheapmissionstrips.com. We have been serving missionaries and adopting families since 2008 and have grown to be devoted to serving more and more adopting families through the years and through customer satisfaction reviews and word of mouth. It has been such an honor for us to see the Lord bringing families for us to serve from all over the world! It is our hope that this website will provide a resource of helpful information and travel tips to help our adopting families that we are serving right now, and those who we will be serving in the future with their ADOPTION TRAVEL needs.

Kevin and Tabitha Lovell, Owners of Adoption Airfare

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We also serve our adopting families with HERITAGE TRAVEL, and it is always such a joy for us to see our families return to bring their child back to their home country. Our most important resource that we provide beyond travel assistance, is prayer for the families that God brings to us to serve with their travel. We have been so blessed to see the TESTIMONIES of how GOD is moving mountains for the families we serve, in helping them to bring their children home from all over the world. This is more than a business for us, this is our great honor and JOY to be serving families every day with their flights and travel needs. We take pleasure in helping with seat assignments, and all of the little details that you will need when you are traveling for your international adoption.

We look forward to serving you soon!

~ Kevin Lovell and Tabitha Lovell, Owners & International Travel Management Team


Kevin and Tabitha Lovell

Kevin and Tabitha Lovell are the Travel Agency Owners of Adoption Airfare. They share a heart for Missions, Adoption, and Orphan Care. They have been involved with Orphan Care and Global Missions in both Uganda and Ireland. Their mutual love for Missions and for sharing the gospel, has been a huge part of their focus and purpose in the work they do to help adopting families every day with their Missions and Adoption Travel. They have a select team of God-picked travel agents who work with them from all over the US. Their main focus within the work they do is prayer. We pray for each of the families and missionaries who God sends to us to help with their flights. It is an honor and a joy for us to be a part of this work that God is doing each and every day as we serve the people He sends to us on a daily basis.

Email: Tabitha@AdoptionAirfare.com
or Kevin@AdoptionAirfare.com
Office: 800-277-7651 x800
Awards: CCAI Angels in Adoption Award

Jeff Lemmonds

Jeff Lemmonds is our International Travel Manager with Adoption Airfare. Jeff has a background in International Missions, and is a very experienced travel agent, specializing in Group Travel, Missions Travel, and Adoption Travel. Jeff’s service is unto the LORD and it shows. His expertise and knowledge of the travel industry are such a valuable resource to our ministry partners and families we serve. Jeff is a knowledgeable agent and specializes in Missions Group Travel as well as Adoption Travel and Individual Missions Travel. Jeff will make your journey a success no matter where you are traveling. Jeff has personally been on the ground helping with over 20 missions trips to where he personally traveled to Haiti and has booked travel to Uganda, Haiti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Bulgaria, India, Ukraine, Sierra Leone, Taiwan, China, Brazil, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and all over the world. Jeff is not only a very capable travel agent, he is also someone who has been there and can answer your questions no matter where you are traveling. Jeff has a passion for Missions and Adoption, and he has the expertise to help make your journey a success! You will enjoy working with Jeff.

Email: Jeff@AdoptionAirfare.com
Office: 800-277-7651 x807

Brenda Marra

Brenda Marra is an experienced International Missions And Adoption Travel Agent with Adoption Airfare. Brenda has a huge heart for missions and is a ministry leader at her church. Everyone loves Brenda’s joyful heart to serve with their travel, working long hours and evenings to accommodate the needs of her families. She truly cares for each family, and is such a blessing to our families and missionaries. Brenda is attentive to every detail, and has helped families and missionaries travel to Haiti, Ethiopia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, India, China, Korea, and many other destinations internationally! Brenda prays for her families that she is serving, and really puts her heart into her work. You will enjoy working with Brenda.

Email: Brenda@AdoptionAirfare.com
Office: 800-277-7651 x825

Lisa Lakatos

Lisa Lakatos is an experienced International Missions and Adoption Travel Agent with Adoption Airfare with a background in long-term International Missions. Lisa has a huge heart for missions, and everyone is so thankful for her expertise in helping them not only with their travel, but also with the other connections internationally from her missions background. Lisa has a heart to serve, and it really comes through in the way that she serves her customers. Lisa is an experienced agent and has helped missionaries and adopting families travel to Taiwan, Colombia, Ethiopia, Uganda, India, Kenya, China, Korea, and many other places all over the world! Lisa is a prayer warrior for her customers, and you will often times find her going the extra mile for her customers even after hours! You will enjoy working with Lisa.

Email: Lisa@AdoptionAirfare.com
Office: 800-277-7651 x808

Michelle Botos

Michelle Botos is an experienced International Missions and Adoption Travel Agent with Adoption Airfare. Michelle and her husband, have adopted internationally from China, and she has a huge heart and passion for serving the Lord in this work and ministry. She is involved with orphan care work and ministry, and Michelle truly cares for each family’s specific travel needs. She enjoys finding the best travel options for various hosting teams, and she has hosted children herself. Being an adoptive mother has given her a special zeal to help families save money on their flights. She takes time with each family, to make sure we find the perfect fit for their needs. We trust you will enjoy working with Michelle, as she prayerfully and devotedly serves you with your Adoption and Missions Travel needs globally.

Email: MBotos@AdoptionAirfare.com
Office: 800-277-7651 x806

Miriam Lawing

Miriam Lawing is an agent and Administrative Assistant to Kevin and Tabitha Lovell with Adoption Airfare. Miriam has a heart for International Missions And Adoption Travel, and she has done some missions work internationally in the Philippines. She is involved with her local church in the Atlanta area, and is married to her husband Micah. Miriam truly cares for each family, and is such a blessing to our families and missionaries. Her attention to detail, her care and love, has helped families and missionaries traveling all over the world!
You will find it a true joy working with Miriam!

Email: Miriam@AdoptionAirfare.com
Office: 800-277-7651 x813

Adam Cartner

Adam is an International Travel Agent as well as our Tour Operations Manager for Hineni Tours (Israel Tours)! Adam has worked in professional sales for many years, but now is using his skills and experience to bless the Lord. Adam has a huge heart for the gospel and for international missions. He has done missions work in Israel as well as Africa. It is his desire to serve the Body of Christ with their travel needs, but also to encourage and equip missionaries and teams traveling internationally. If you are working with Adam, feel free to ask him about our Life-Changing tours to Israel with Hineni Tours. His passion for international missions and for ministering to the Jewish people, are truly a blessing, and we know you will enjoy working with Adam.

Email: Adam@AdoptionAirfare.com
Office: 800-277-7651 x777

Lindee Daniel

Lindee Daniel is an International Travel Specialist with Adoption Airfare. Lindee has a passion for travel and serving the Lord in all she does. Her international travel experience spans seventeen countries including missions to Mexico, Haiti, and Uganda, with an ongoing assignment from the Lord in Uganda. God created an immense love for orphans in Lindee’s heart and she’s devoted to letting God use her to love them. It brings her immense joy to partner with Adoption Airfare clients in their travel, adoptions, and missions.

Email: Lindee@AdoptionAirfare.com
Office: 800-277-7651 x815

Ben Botos

Ben Botos is an experienced International Missions and Adoption Travel Agent with Adoption Airfare®. Ben and his wife Michelle have adopted internationally from China, and have a sweet little girl who has inspired them deeply as it relates to adoption and missions. Ben has a background in orphan care ministry as well as foster parenting and orphan hosting. Their family has fostered children and also hosted orphan children through various hosting projects. He and Michelle share a special focus of the gospel as it relates to orphan care and adoption. Ben can relate to many of the issues that our adopting families face, being a first-hand adopting parent himself. He truly cares for each family’s specific travel needs. Being an adoptive dad, Ben has a special zeal hold the hands of each client through the entire process from start to finish. We trust you will enjoy working with Ben, as he prayerfully serves you with your Adoption and Missions Travel needs.

Email: Ben@AdoptionAirfare.com
Office: 800-277-7651 x801

Please contact us directly with any questions or travel needs.

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